Splintr.com presents the PUPIL BAR TOUR

Sept 9 at B-side, Sept 17 at Club Dredd, Sept 21 at Saguijo, Sept 24 at Handlebar, and Sept 30 at The Establishment.

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  1. PUPIL “City Limits” Bar Tour Leg 3
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    Posted 9.24.10: ‎- Splintr.com presents Pupil “City Limits” Bar Tour Leg 4 @ http://www.handlebar.com.ph – Pupil Manila PUPIL with Enemies of Saturn – September 24 @ Handlebar /// regards from Bandstand Philippines, BANDSCAPES Group, OFM Home of Original Filipino Music, atbp. \\\ -cheers- http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=130692926966366&share_id=116823348375306&comments=1#s116823348375306

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