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    Lord Malignus

    Unworldly sounds for unworldly people.






    1. Anal Cunt – Face it. You’re a Metal Band, album: 40 More Reasons to Hate Us, Ok

    Anal Cunt

    2. The Silverblack – The Grand Turmoil, album: The Grand Turmoil

    3. Deadspace – The Promise of Oblivion, album: The Promise of Oblivion


    4. Show Me Wolves – The Lies of His Sons, album: Between, God and False Idols

    Show Me Wolves

    5. Vader – Toralni Destrukce (Krabathor), album: Future of the Past

    Vader band death metal Poland

    6. Non Opus Dei – Milk of Toads, album: Diable

    Non Opus Dei Black Metal

    7. Motörhead – Orgasmatron, album: Orgasmatron, R.I.P. 1945-2015

    Lemmy Kilmister

    8. Khors – Trees Are Remembers, album: The Flame of Eternity’s Decline (Reissue)

    Khors death metal

    9. Nomad – Tetrawind, album: Tetramorph

    Nomad death metal

    10. Kreator – Ripping Corpse, album: Pleasure to Kill

    mille petrozza Kreator

    11. Sepultura – Nomad, album: Chaos A.D.

    Sepultura Chaos A.D. Line up

    12. Machine Head – Old, album: Burn My Eyes

    Machine Head Burn My Eyes Lineup

    13. Electric Wizard – Lucifer’s Slaves, album: Time to Die

    Electric Wizard band

    14. Danzig – Satan (From Satan’s Sadists), album: Skeletons 

    Danzig Skeletons

    15. Liv Kristine – Love Decay, album: Vervain

    Liv Kristine Vervain

    16. Jerry Cantrell – Anger Rising, album: Degredation Trip

    Jerry Cantrell Degredation Trip anger rising

    17. Rollins Band – Ghost Rider, album: The Crow Soundtrack 

    Henry Rollins Ghost Rider

    18. Jucifer – Return Of The Native, album: Throned in Blood

    Jucifer metal band

    19. Wednesday 13 – We All Die, album: Calling All Corpses

    Wednesday 13

    20. Dan Deagh Wealcan – Baseless Hatred, album: Who Cares What Music is Playing in my Headphones?

    Dan Deagh Wealcan

    21. Draconian – Pale Tortured Blue, album: Sovran

    Draconian band

    22. Hooded Menace – Blood For the Burning Oath/Dungeons for the Disembodied, album: Darkness Drips Forth

    Hooded Menace band

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    Lord Malignus

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