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    Lord Malignus

    New Evolution Rock – Podcast! We are here to ruin your week and get you through your daily rat-race and your miserable coffee stained reports! Fear Factory about to release new album material called: GENEXUS. We take a look at two of the new tracks and feature some of the Fear Factory classics. The hottest metal show–but only because we got a sneak peek at the new Butcher Babies song! Brand new releases in the category of brutal death metal for the months of August and September 2015.

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    Your Playlist of Doom!

    01. Fear Factory – ProtoMech, album: Genexus
    02. Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball, album: Take it like a Man
    03. Dying Humanity – Beyond Redemption, album: Deadened
    04. Skinless – Serpenticide, album: Only Ruthless Remain
    05. Pirosaint – House of Hardcore, ‘House Of Hardcore’ was written for ‘The House Of Hardcore’ (Wrestling Academy) in Poughkeepsie, NY
    06. Forgotten Horror – Behold a Shadow Goddess, album: Aeon of the Shadow Goddess
    07. Fear Factory – Demanufacture, album: Demanfacture 1995
    08. Kraanium – Destined for Surgical Defilement, album: Chronicals of Perversion
    09. Deathrite – Determinate to Rot, album: Revelation of Chaos
    10. Gutter Instinct – Under the Scythe, album: The Insurrection
    11. Adversial – Immersion Viod Paragon, album: Death, Endless nothging and the black knife of Nihilsm
    12. Psycroptic – A Soul Once Lost, album: Psycroptic
    13. Mist – Frozen Velvet, album: Inan EP
    14. Fear Factory – Soul Hacker, album: Genexus
    15. Fear Factory – Replica, album: Demanufacture

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