Ganga Jala Band – “Your love will set me free”

the Ganga Jala Band……. “Your love will set me free” copyright 2017 P. Dadivas, words, music and arrangement by P. Dadivas ….orchestration by P. Dadivas……. lead guitars and vocals Pabs Dadivas, drums Jada, bass guitar Damo, Bakula complimentary lead guitars…..the “actor” on the video Jada Albano………… videography Gigi Rodriguez, videography Jack Rosen, recording and mix engineer James Linton,” Soundwaves Studios”, recording engineer Doug Jackson “Lighthouse Studios”, directed by David McCormack, editing by Yuri Davidson, produced by John Davis for East of Tribeca Productions, special thanks to Siddha Silva for additional video footages and Rene Araneta for additional photos….. manager Bia Laborte

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