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The Kings of Dark Metal DAHONG PALAY featuring the “Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy” lineup of Andrew dela Hostria (vocals/bass), Booths Oca (guitar) and Derrick Periodico (drums) with Martin Jose (3rd generation rhythm guitarist) will blow your head off in RENEGADES OF ROCK LIVE “special one night only” show at BAMBU INTRAMUROS on December 10, 2016 (Saturday 6pm) with electric sets by Mutiny and Anibughaw and unplugged sets of Charlie Ysmael (The Breed), Bong Dailo (Salatin) and VInce Borromeo (Times Two). Hosted by The Doctor. P100 at the door w/1 beer.

Ramon Zialcita with Booths Oca, Drue Dahongpalay, Edrinemil Montclair, Sirk Demigod, Derrick Periodico, Onie Daz Deuda, Gajdos Márk, Sirk Demigod.

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