ERMP: Interview and Podcast with Iranian Death Metal Band, AZOOMA

Iranian progressive death metal band AZOOMA are our guests of honor. The AZOOMA boys are featured with an interview; discuss about their debut EP, A HYMN OF THE VICIOUS MONSTER out on XTREEM MUSIC. The guys talk to us about the EP; play some songs from the EP, and curate some personal metal cuts for us.


Iranian progressive death metal band AZOOMA are our guests of honor. The AZOOMA boys are featured with an interview; discuss about their debut EP, A HYMN OF THE VICIOUS MONSTER out on XTREEM MUSIC. The guys talk to us about the EP; play some songs from the EP, and curate some personal metal cuts for us.

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Music Playlist
1. AZOOMA – Self-Inflected, Album: A Hymn of the Vicious Monster
2. AZOOMA – Eridanus Supervoid, Alum: A Hymn of the Vicious Monster
3. DEATH – Without Judgement, Album: Symbolic
4. IRON MAIDEN – Fear of the Dark, Album: Fear of the Dark
5. AZOOMA – Encapsulated Delusion, Album: A Hymn of the Vicious Monster
6. PANTERA – I’m Broken, Album: Far Beyond Driven
7. METALLICA – Ride the Lightning, Album: Ride the Lightning

EVOLUTION ROCK: So, you guys got an EP out called ‘A HYMN OF THE VICIOUS MONSTER’, what can you tell us about this EP by AZOOMA?

SHAHIN: Actually, you now. It tells a story through out the whole tracks. We wanted for it to sound and look like a Gothic novel from the 19th century; that’s because why chose the title of the songs in intro, chapter 1, chapter 2, you know, like the chapters in a book; and actually it is a conceptual album; and it’s about a normal person who seems to be a victim of a situation. But eventually it becomes clear. That if the conditions are right he can turn into the monster which he is the victim of. You know, it’s the nature of mankind. If he has the opportunity, he can change into something evil or do vicious deeds; everyone has this potential. But the true power is not to let this nature; this essence grow. That’s what we want to talk about in this EP.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Right, so you guys are talking about controlled anger?

SHAHIN: Yes, something like that.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Yea, but anger is good, sometimes, right?

SHAHIN: Sometimes, but you know, you don’t have to let it grow so much that it affects everything in your life. You just have to control it.

EVOLUTION ROCK: ..and let it out sometimes but in a healthy way. Like listening to f*cuking metal!

SHAHIN: Yea, exactly that’s right.

(Shahin Vaqfipour – vocals, Ahmad Tokallou – guitar, Farid Shariat – bass, Saeed Shariat – drums)

EVOLUTION ROCK: So, talking about f*cking metal. You guys have selected some bands also for the show, and we’re going to kick it off with a song called ‘SELF INFLECTED’. What the hell can you tell us about this song?

SHAHIN: You know, this is the first chapter of our EP and the lyrics and the music try to show about the person that doesn’t know what to do because of the’s a person who doesn’t know what to do, and he is so confused.

…(SELF-INFLECTED song is introduced and played; song lyrics below)

EVOLUTION ROCK: Can you describe the writing process for a ‘VICIOUS MONSTER?

SHAHIN: First, we are specific and we talk about the story behind the EP. We talk and we exchange our ideas about the story. Then we specify, and we wrote the story of the EP…we specify every track of the story. So, we are going to our practicing place, and we spend some many times, for hours, and hours there…and we play music…and we try to think how this thing can sound better. You know, it’s about our pleasure, when you are satisfied with the song…and when we think that’s right…then we are going to record this.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Compared to your early recording that I heard in 2007, this is a much heavier album-sounds brutal! Congratulations to the f-cking muscians, there!

SHAHIN: Thank you so much.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Can you compare this record to what you did in 2007?

SHAHIN: Actually, you know. We didn’t want to specify or choose any genres for our music. We just do it in the way we think it is right, you know? We had that feeling in that time, and we are going to express ourselves in those songs. It think it kinda of became heavier because of how we felt back in that time when we were recording the album.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Right on, and this album is more darker than the previous songs recorded, what can you tell us about this?

Track list

1. Preface (intro) 1:13
2. Chapter 1- Self Inflected, 5:46
3. Chapter 2 – Eridanus Supervoid, 8:31
4. Chapter 3 – Encapsulated Delusion, 6:58
5. Chapter 4 – Gyrocompass, 10:36
6. Appendix (outro) 1:03

SHAHIN: It think, like I told you before. That’s how we felt exactly in that time because the EP tells a horror story; needs the dark parts, and the dark conditions, you know? It’s like when you want to watch a horror movie. You make everything ready for it. You turn off the lights, you sit in front of the TV and turn the volume up; and you try to make everything scary.

EVOLUTION ROCK: F-ck yea, man..and what are you guys listening to nowadays? Can you tell us; the guys in the bands what are listening to?

SHAHIN: Actually, we listen to many things: jazz, blues, heavy metal, progressive, actually everything. For example, me myself I listen to Devildriver.

FARID: I’m listening now to Faceless, Opeth, Accept’s new album.

SHAHIN: I’m trying to remember the title of the song..the Fall of the Empire.

EVOLUTION ROCK: We are going to play a song called ERIDANUS SUPERVOID, who can tells something about the song?

SHAHIN: This title is about a place in space, you know. Where the temperature of that place is so, so…you know it’s about a place where it is zero temperature. In theory, it can be a gate to a parallel world.

…(ERIDANUS SUPERVOID song is introduced and played, song lyrics below)

EVOLUTION ROCK: How did you guys get signed?

SHAHIN: We have this dear friend who is the chief editor of Metal Track, Finland. So, we talked to him, and he said he would help us to find a record company label to get signed and distribute this EP. He said it was really great, and that it needs to be heard more. So, me made some contacts with some record labels, and he found Xtreem records from Spain for us.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Congratulations guys. I hear Xtreem records is the label of notorious death metal singer of the band AVULSED, Dave Rotten.

SHAHIN: You know him. He’s a great musician. He knows the real music, and he wants to help the bands to get heard more; the bands which don’t have the same opportunities as in countries where extreme metal music is widely accepted.


EVOLUTION ROCK: So, I see a lot of photos on your Facebook. Holding up your CD in support. How does that make you feel?

SHAHIN: Great! Actually, it makes us feel so happy when we say those pictures. It gives us positives vibes and energy to keep going because it shows that there people all around the world who like our music, you know. And it is great the people all around the world feel the same way that we feel.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Regarding the reviews you’ve been getting for the record, the webzines and the media people out there, how are the reviews going?

SHAHIN: We didn’t expect that they would review our EP in so many webzines, and it makes is think what we really did ‘cus we didn’t expect this much from other websites and other ones in other parts. And the reviews are about 8/10. It really feels great. I don’t know how to express our feelings about this.

EVOLUTION ROCK: So, you guys have a song for us. What’s the name of the song?

SHAHIN: Without Judgement, by DEATH.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Talk to us about the influence DEATH has had on your music?

SHAHIN: You know, when we first listened to a record by the band DEATH, on tapes because back in those days there were no CDs over here. When we found this tape, we listened to it, again and again. It made us just say, Wow! What is this?

…(The song Without Judgement by DEATH is played)

EVOLUTION ROCK: So, tell me Shariat. What song are we going to play?

F. SHARIAT: Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Can you tell us what Iron Maiden means to you?

*speech in Persian

SHAHIN: He says that one day when you wake up and play a song by Iron Maiden, you can continue your day with energy and absolute power.

…(The song Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden is played)

EVOLUTION ROCK: How has the scene changed over there for metal since 2007?

SHAHIN: Actually, there are so many bands which day which the work and they try to record… I think it is better condition for us because of the improvement of technology; thanks to the internet. So everyone from around the world can listen to their songs.

EVOLUTION ROCK: How is the band VASPOOHER? They’re good friends of yours?

SHAHIN: In VASPOOHER, Ham Alizadeh (vocals, guitars) is trying to find band members because their bass player is going to live in Canada, now. And Saeed is dedicating and devouring himself to AZOOMA, right now. So, Ham Alizadeh is searching for band members.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Can you tell us what are your plans for the future?

SHAHIN: We just want to keep on doing what were are doing and making our hearts happy. We are now working on the next album which is going to be released through Xtreem Music records, again. You can’t believe it, but this stuff is really something different. It’s really something new. When you will hear it, I’m sure that it will blow your minds!

EVOLUTION ROCK: We got a final song from the record. The song is called ENCAPSULATED DELUSION. What can you tell us about this song?

SHAHIN: We think that this track is the heaviest track of our EP, right now. I think it would be great for preforming and playing it live; in live shows at concerts.

…(The song ENCAPSULATED DELUSION is played, song lyrics below)

EVOLUTION ROCK: Before our final words, we got a final song another from anther band. So, what’s the song guys?

SHAHIN: It’s going to be PANTERA, I’m Broken!

(The song I’m Broken by PANTERA is played)

EVOLUTION ROCK: Alright guys, thanks for being on the show and participating. I hope to hear from you soon! What are your finally thoughts?

SHAHIN: We want to thank for giving us the opportunity to be on your Podcast. And your listeners. Surely, you will hear so much more from us. If someone on this world hears our song, and if he or she doesn’t know the name of the band, and it is our music you are playing…he or she will find out this AZOOMA! Keep on going, keep metal alive!

…(The song Ride the Lightning by METALLICA is played)


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