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    1. Mishka Adams – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mishka-Adams/130520133669503

      **NEW TOUR DATES!!**

      Hello again!

      Some dates have been adjusted and a brand new one has been added! The flyer has been spread far and wide so please pass this new one on! For more details or if you’re unsure about which gig listings are correct, you can always check my website, which is always updated: http://www.mishkaadamsmusic.com/my-gigs/

      Also, today marks a week from the date that I go into the studio to record Songs from the Deep officially, so the old recordings are now coming off the internet while we work on the album The Balcony Sessions are still up if you want to listen to something in the meantime – https://soundcloud.com/mishkaadams/sets/the-balcony-sessions-leipzig-1 – but if you want originals come to the gigs and save the album launch date!

      Spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/130520133669503/photos/a.537487219639457.1073741828.130520133669503/604015012986677/?type=1&theater

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