TREAT for the Family! TRIPLE TREAT @ ACQUATICA, Manila Ocean Park featuring Australia’s THE SHEPPARDS

TRIPLE TREAT for the Family @ ACQUATICA, Manila Ocean Park on Nov.27,’10 8pm featuring Australia’s THE SHEPPARDS. With PLUG, DR. CROWLEY, MIDDLEGROUND. Tickets @Php250. For the benefit of International Marinelife Alliance (IMA) Phils.. Win prizes in Raffle Draw!!! Call 09284484641. SEE YOU THERE!


TREAT for the Family!!! TRIPLE TREAT @ ACQUATICA, Manila Ocean Park on November 27, 2010 at 8pm
featuring the main artist Australia’s top Country-Pop band THE SHEPPARDS.
With special guests PLUG, DR. CROWLEY, and MIDDLEGROUND.

Tickets @Php250 and available at ACQUATICA Ticket Counters. You can win prizes in a Raffle Draw!!!
Buy your tickets now. For ticket inquiries, please call 0928-4484641. First Come First Served Seats.

For the benefit of International Marinelife Alliance (IMA) Phils.


Press Release: Aussie music duo “SHEPPARD’ here to perform at Ocean Park

Manila: 15.11.10. “SHEPPARD,” the emerging music sensation from Brisbane, Australia will arrive in the Philippines on November 23, 2010, four (4) days ahead of their Triple Treat Concert at Manila Ocean Park’s spectacular Aquatica venue on Saturday night (27 November 2010).

SHEPPARD’S musical director, Buruka Tau, a former member of the legendary indigenous Australian rock group Yothu Yindi, is travelling with the duo to oversee their gigs.

A growing band of dedicated Pinoy SHEPPARD fans, including local celebrity Ara Mina, are expected to give the Aussie brother and sister singer/song writing team an enthusiastic welcome after they touchdown at Aquino International Airport at about 8.00pm.

Local SHEPPARD Fan Club representative Aurellia Avellina from Pampanga is heading up the welcoming delegation. “We are really excited to see Amy and George live,” she said. “We picked up on their music on the Australian radio website of TripleJ, and shared it with our friends. It’s just gone viral from there. Now they are coming to our country in person so we want to make them feel really welcome. There is a real buzz for their music here.”

Speaking from Sydney, where he has just completed filming for an Australian Broadcasting Corporation television series, SHEPPARD lead singer George Sheppard (23) said he was looking forward to meeting all their fans in Manila.

We were scheduled to complete the recording of our first album for internet release only, but when Gerry Diwa from Sound Weavers Recording Studio in Makati heard our music he suggested the possibility of a real live gig in front of a big audience. We were delighted when Manila Ocean Park became a reality,” he said.

Amy Sheppard (20), who is studying at Griffith University in Brisbane said, “We are very keen to make the transition from studio and internet to live performances. This will be our first big live gig, and we are very honoured to be sharing the stage with such great Filipino acts as Dr Crowley. Plug and Middleground. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us.

When asked why the Band chose the Philippines to record their first album, George said, “Hey, you’ve got some of the best musicians in the world here, the recording technology is the top high-tech stuff, we are made to feel like part of the family, and the cost is very reasonable – why would we go anywhere else?”

This accolade for the Philippines as a preferred destination for emerging recording and performing artists has captured the imagination of renown Filipino film maker and photographer Nana Buxani , who will be following the band’s activities here for a documentary film highlighting the advantages for young musicians in choosing the Philippines to launch their careers.

Concert producer and director Jon F. Chua said, “SHEPPARD’S visit to the Philippines is a new and exciting aspect to our industry which we should encourage and develop. I hope the media and the general public get right behind this band and support them all the way. It’s good for the future of music in the Philippines.”

Other industries stand to reap some sort of spin off as well from such visits. Amy, who has an eye for fashion, has been captivated by some of our up-and-coming fashion designers. She commissioned an outfit from local designer Jaz Cerezo, which she has promised to wear for her arrival tonight. “I don’t want to say too much about it,” she said. “Come and see it for yourself. It is a spectacular number and very elegant. Jaz is a world-class talent. I love her designs. She makes me feel like a movie star.” she said.

SHEPPARD, who write all of their own music, produce an innovative and diverse blend of contemporary country, folk and pop styles which have wide appeal to many different demographics. Their catchy pop song “My Favourite Pastime” combines a quirky almost teeny bopper style, with a nostalgic voice, novel harmonies and some racy lyrics.

By contrast, “On Your Side” is a thumping good festival favourite which is sure to have the crowd up on its feet and singing along.

Amy’s beautiful composition “Free” is a simple but haunting ballad which will bring a tingle to your spine, and break out the goose bumps in all the romance tragics.

The highlight of the SHEPPARD releases to date is for my money “Fast As We Can.” With the lead vocals shared equally between Amy and George, it’s cool country style and sweet harmonies tell the age old story of young hearts breaking free and the commitment of love.

THE SHEPPARDS are also performing live at the prestigious Music Hall of 19 East Bar & Grill in Muntinlupa City on 30th November 2010. (

The Triple Treat Concert at Acquatica, Manila Ocean Park starts at 8pm on Saturday night and all proceeds benefit the International Marinelife Alliance (Philippines). Tickets are P250, and can be obtained from Acquatica (Manila Ocean Park) Ticket Counters and JFC ArtistWorks Entertainment Production Office (0928-4484641).

Jonathan Chua

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